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Interview with filmmaker on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory "Great Lakes" episode





Blue Gold clips and brief interview with filmmaker on CNBC Executive Vision "Infrastructure" episode




"I don't give a crap if you're busy!!! Watch this documentary, this movie will take you to a new level of water appreciation." - Rotten Tomatoes

africaCoast Magazine
Marion, Indiana uses"Blue Gold" to sway their council vote to stop privatizatin of their water.

United Nations Unversity
Interview with the Filmmaker
"Finally, a water film that kicks ass... A must see film for every person on the planet."

HESO Magazine
"differs from many others of the same vein in offering opinions and ideas from a varied number of professionals and experts that could lead to tangible solutions."

"Bozzo's assured, slick bluntness absolutely does what it has to... smoothly constructed and with arresting narration by Malcolm McDowell, the result is an easy to absorb, must-see effort."

"The mainstream media rarely questions our culture’s approach to water use, so it takes passionate figures like Bozzo to explore them... builds the message to a feverish pitch and delivers a haunting presentation."

"The film doesn't lecture, it engages. The film dramatically and persuasively outlines the contact facing the world. Stirring stuff that has provoked a response even in an apathetic git like me."

Japan Times
"a rousing call for change... "Blue Gold," for once, does have some success stories to tout"

"Get informed and inspired – watch this film."

Toronto Star
"Sounds the same sweeping alarms as Inconvenient Truth, only about our dwindling water supplies."

Blue Living Ideas
"If there’s one film that everyone needs to watch this year, it’s Blue Gold: World Water Wars"

Science Magazine

May, 2009
"Packed with verifiable
stories and facts."


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Television Clips

Highlights from CNN International's Christiane Amanpour water crisis segment, featuring a clip from Blue Gold and interview with co-author Maude Barlow

Executive Producer Mark Achbar (The Corporation) and filmmaker Sam Bozzo interviewed on Canada's television show Urban Rush.


KPFK talk radio one-hour segment on "Blue Gold"
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blue livingGreen Talk Radio

Part 1
Part 2


V-RADIO interview with filmmaker


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