While fighting for the legislative changes necessary to force governments into providing clean water to its people, we must take immediate measures to save the lives of those without access to clean water now.

One of Blue Gold's most amazing stories is that of Ryan Hreljac.

At six years of age, Ryan learned of the great need for clean and safe water in developing countries. In over 10 years, Ryan’s determination has grown from the $70 collected by doing simple household chores to the Ryan's Well Foundation that today has contributed a total of 546 water and sanitation projects in 16 countries.


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Support organizations providing aid and be aware of the extent of the emergency.


Support those who are helping.


Take Action:

  1. Support Ryan's Well Foundation and save lives now!
  2. Seek out and support other organizations such as Better Globe, One Drop, Potters for Peace, and H2O Africa

Spread awareness of the problem.

Knowledge is power. Make certain that you and all of your contacts become aware of the crisis.


Take Action:

Share links like the following:

Blue Gold Water News
BBC Water Crisis site
Water Emergency
National Geographic


Write your government

Let your politicians know that as a voter you are aware of the problem and demand they help.

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