The world's dwindling fresh water sources are rapidly being acquired and owned by corporations rather than belonging to the public.

The privatization of water, our core source of survival, in an era when water is becoming more and more scarce does not bode well for inhabitants of planet earth.

Large corporations are using the legal system and advertising systems to strong-arm farmers and citizens in order to take ownership of their land and water.

After privatization, prices for water are always higher, without exception. Maintenance of water suffers. There have been numerous service interruptions with some citizens having to boil water before being able to drink it. In some communities, water is so expensive that people resort to using water from polluted streams. Blue Gold depicts average people suing companies, their governments, revolting, and even kidnapping with ransom demands of water delivery to their community. Should thirst be a product?

More Water Wars

Deleted Scene from "BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS"


Keep your money. Demand that water be a public right.

Boycott Bottled Water

There is no more visible example of privatization than the cost of bottled water versus tap water.



Take Action:

  1. Stop buying bottled water. Ever. Learn why here.
  2. Buy a water bottle. Fill it. Take it with you to work and school and out anywhere you can.
  3. Propose boycotting bottled water from your school, workplace, and local stores, like 3rd Grader Noah Cottrell shows us how to in Blue Gold.

Take Back the Tap.

Giving up bottled water is not enough. As taxpaying citizens, we have the right to demand our local governments provide us clean tap water.


Take Action:

  1. Learn why here
  2. Write your Government and insist they deliver clean tap water to you.
  3. Sign the Take Back the Tap pledge.

Change the laws.

Blue Gold's most tangible legislative example is Uruguay's citizens protesting privatization and succeeding in revising their constitution to make water a public right. It is this model that activists everywhere are fighting to implement. Help that fight.


Take Action:

  1. Write your Government and Sign Petitions to change the laws. Let your local politician know that you demand they keep water a public right and do not sell it to private interests.

Do not invest in water.

Even Ric Davidge, the Water Czar of Alaska and major privatization supporter in Blue Gold, admits that water is a poor investment in that the investor is in danger of the government taking over the water whenever the government changes. Do not invest in the stocks, companies, or individuals who privatize water.


Take Action:

  1. Boycott all products from the "Water Barons", such Vivendi, Suez, Nestle, Coca-Cola, RWE-Thames.
  2. Do not invest in the above companies.
  3. Do not work for the above companies.
  4. Do not invest in mutual funds who invest in the above companies.

Keep water around you.


Take Action:

  1. Visit the Blue Alternative section of this site for ways to recharge the groundwater in your backyard. If water is plentiful around you, there is no demand for corporations to market to.


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