Once the abusive pumping of groundwater and damming practices are stopped, we must manage our water more efficiently by keeping it in the ground.

In 1992 the government of Slovakia planned to build a large dam in order to supply drinking water for cities, destroying the natural environment and forcing the evacuation of four 700-year old villages.

Goldman Environmental Prize Winning hydrologist Dr. Michal Kravcik believed that the national water management policies were outdated and proposed the "Blue Alternative", claiming he could obtain the same amount of drinking water for approximately 20 percent of the cost of the dam, while minimizing the destructive impacts on the environment.

Kravcik enlisted local volunteers to terrace the land with small water catchments - holes, ditches, weirs - so that rainwater was caught and allowed to soak into the ground (pictured below right) and back into the aquifer. It worked!

Applied globally, the "Blue Alternative" can transform deserts into greenland and create millions of jobs in the process. Both rural and urban engineering projects can recollect rainwater in the ground, instead of wasting it into rising oceans, which has been contributing to the current climate change.

Deleted Scene from "BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS"

A global "Blue Alternative" starts in your own yard. Save your water first, then support organizations seeking to implement global projects.

Michal Kravcik's "Blue Alternative" project in Slovakia

Fix your backyard.

When you water your yard. block water from going down the street or drain or evaporating on porch puddles. Force it to collect and soak into the ground.


Take Action:

  1. Read Gaila's Garden which teaches you to catch water in your landscape.
  2. Protecting area waterways starts in your own yard
  3. Plant a Rain Garden by using this complete guide

Build your own water catchments.

Capture rainwater for your own home use and to replenish your local groundwater.


Take Action:

  1. How to Build a Rainwater Collection System
  2. Create a school Water Catching project
  3. Build an Earthship complete home water system.
  4. See Rajistan example of a community-built lo-tech water catchment system.
  5. List of other water catching systems

Replace your pavement.

Permeable Pavement allows rainwater to percolate through to the soil and aquifers.



Take Action:

  1. Learn about the various types of Permeable Pavement
  2. Purchase TerraFirm Enterprises Ecogrid series to replace your home's pavement
  3. Write your local government to implement city-wide Permeable Pavement, referring to this Chicago Case Study


As citizens use only 10% of water (20% Industry, 70% Agriculture), some discourage personal conservation, as the water will simply be used by local industry until laws change. However, I advocate moderate personal conservation simply to build your awareness of your water use and save money.


Take Action:

  1. Replace your toilets with dual flush or other water-saving technologies such as a Caroma toilet.
  2. Learn about other water-saving techniques from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Support "Blue Alternative" organizations and legislation.

Large "Blue Alternative" projects need to be led by organizations who can execute them successfully. Support them through financial contributions, volunteer work, and campaign involvement.


Take Action:

  1. Support People and Water and Michal Kravcik in creating a global "Blue Alternative" solution in nations around the world.
  2. Write Michal Kravcik to ask him for a consultation on starting your own community "Blue Alternative" project.
  3. Support FogQuest in their global efforts to catch coastal water
  4. Write your Government to create and enforce groundwater recharge programs.
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