The global trade of agricultural products drains regions of their local water.

Blue Gold focuses on the dangers of 'Virtual Water', referring to the export of products that we make using local water.

Poor countries are forced to use their limited fresh water to grow food as 'cash crops' to be exported to rich countries, instead of using the local fresh water for their survival.

Due to the scale of our global economic trade, watersheds are being depleted through this practice.

Buying locally grown food ensures water stays in each ecosystem. So long as the farmer uses Blue Alternative methods of recharging the groundwater he pumps, local water can be used and reused to grow local crops.

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Buying or growing locally grown food ensures that water remains in each ecosystem.

Buy Locally Grown Food.


Take Action:

  1. Use the iPhone App Locavore to find locally grown food anywhere you are!
  2. Use LocalHarvest to find your nearest locally grown food store.

Grow your Own Food.

This site's Blue Alternative section describes the further global solution of trapping your garden water to recharge your ground water, versus allowing it to go down the drain to the sea.


Take Action:

Learn from and share links like the following:


Write your government

Demand your politicians change laws to limit or prevent the importing and exporting of agriculture and other Virtual Water products. Everything takes water to create, from microchips to cars, and until industry is regulated on its water management, we will be wasting our local water to export goods.

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